The BRANS Story

Hi there. My name is Alex. Since young, I have always been obsessed with a good pair of underwear. 

Riding on my passion, I had launched BRANS Underwear in 2015 because I relish and took pride (pun intended *waves a rainbow flag*) in the idea that a business could bring about positive change. I wanted it to be a mechanism and force that evokes thought, that spreads a little joy along with your involvement with the brand, and to push forth for the notion of #loveislove.

Ultimately, the goal is to build a global community and have an underwear brand, however small, that might have a ripple effect spreading happiness, wits, and social progression by means of acceptance for same sex relationships and lifestyles.

Doing the right things.

At BRANS, we believe that sex appeal as a motivating factor for the brand can only go so far. We know that a customer of BRANS is one who has a sharp eye for detail, is one who cares about how a business’ operations impacts the environment, and would look to us for responsible and sustainable practices in all that we do. This is why even as a small-sized online business, we made a deliberate choice to be committed and only engage with vendors and direct suppliers that utilizes good business practices and with supply chains that are as transparent as possible. This supports local cotton farmers where our products are manufactured and in turn creates a great underwear product by BRANS for our customers.

Our defining collection, aptly coined ‘BRAVE’, which symbolizes our take on how we carry out our business, features briefs in three stunning colors with simple, clean and modern lines made using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton sourced responsibly from cotton farmers in India.

From here on forward:

Our first Spring 2016 video campaign, ‘This is not the “Don’t Judge Challenge”’ which condenses the essence of the brand into a nifty 41 secs, managed to garner close to 4,000 views in a short span of 2 weeks. The message #MoreToLove, pun intended, gives our viewers a deeper insight to what the brand is about, both in its entirety regardless of sexual orientations and also when made reference to the brand and the individual.

We are always looking for opportunities to create new collections and styles that would strike a chord with our customers, explore additional sustainable materials that we could incorporate and ultimately communicate actively with our customers.

Thank you if you’ve taken time to read our story; what guides us and motivates us. HUGE Thank you if you’ve connected with us with a purchase or befriending us via our social media platforms.

And to all who are still not on board, we can’t wait for you to join in the great fun.

All the love xo,